About my habits.sh

How I track my habits

A gif demo of my habits tracker

As we enter the new year, it’s time to think about habits! As I’ve written before, “habits are a product of the environment in which you operate. And if you make your habits part of that environment, they’re more likely to stick.”

With this in mind, I created a new command-line interface application called habits.sh. It’s extremely simple; you configure a few things you want to track every day, run an initialization script, and then, every morning, you can get prompts to track those habits. Over the course of the day, I update my tracker with a single command: “habits”!

I know there are probably hundreds (thousands?) of similar applications out there. But thinking a bit deeper about how I personally wanted to track my habits allowed me to build more of the environment I wanted to see in the world.

Do you track your habits? What do you track? Do you use something like this? What would make this better? Let me know what you think!