On being uncomfortable with writer's block

Just do it

Today, I have writer’s block. And so, I am just writing.

According to Seth Godin, the act of writing is the cure to writer’s block. As he puts it:

The best way to address this isn’t to wait to be perfect. Because if you wait, you’ll never get there. The best way to deal with it is to write, and to realize that your bad writing isn’t fatal.

We like to imagine that good writing is that is the result of inspiration and natural talent. Godin’s advice suggests that good writing is the result of practice.

It’s helpful to think about writing as the cure for writer’s block as we think about other “blockers” in our life. How many mental blocks are the result of fear of perfection? How many times do we decline to take action because we aren’t confident in our own voice or abilities?

In that way, the advice to lean in to those fears and recognize that blockers are a sign that you simply need practice. You can, but only if you do.