I take a lot of meetings. And, despite the fact that I’ve been taking meetings every day for (looks at watch) well over a decade, I still feel like I don’t love my notetaking system.

Today, I happened upon the idea of sketchnotes, and took the 32 minutes to watch the “hands-on video on the basics of sketchnoting.” If you’re even remotely interested, stop reading and go check it out. It’s really really good.

In that video, I learned some tips about how to sketch things. For example:

  • Try and keep things in 2D, not 3D;
  • When drawing people, start with a rectangle and legs; and
  • A “2-line” and “3-line” method to create bold lettering

These tips are sweet. Going to keep an eye on sketchnotes. Also, s/o to fellow Wisconsinite @rohdesign for this sweet concept.